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  • Tallahassee Educational Article of the Month - What is an Armadillo's Natural Diet?

What is an Armadillo's Natural Diet?

Armadillo, like every other mammals, has its own food that enables it survive. They can be predators and can also be prey for other animals. Talking about natural diet, we mean those foods Tallahassee armadillos cannot live without, they form the bases that determine how long this animal can live or stay on earth and without those diets the armadillo may not survive. So what type of diet are we talking about? You will see below, how this amazing Florida animal gets its foods.

Armadillo’s natural diet
As stated above, Florida armadillo has a particular diet that aid its survival on earth; most of these foods are prey, but there are some food they eat that are common among all wild animals. Below are the most notable natural diet Tallahassee armadillos feed on:
-Amphibians (usually the smaller ones)
-Young cottontail rabbits
-Quail birds’ eggs
-And scraps of carrion

It is important to note, these are not the only natural diet of armadillos, but are the most common food they eat on daily basis.

How does it get its food?
Armadillos have what is considered very poor sight, so they tend to skillfully use their nose and tail for sensing and many other physical attributes. Scientific studies reveal that Florida armadillos use the tips of their nose and tail to secure food. They have very sharp claws that enable them to dig and loosen soil; they are equipped with good sense of smell to locate food by visiting grasses, burrows, and several other places in search for prey. Furthermore, research shows that armadillos can smell up to 20cm below the ground; they can dig deep and will go to any length to find insects. One interesting thing about this animal is, despite of its poor sight, the tail and nose always perform the good job as to what the eyes can do. They don’t have problem locating food items around them.

It is important to know that Tallahassee armadillo’s diet have no impacts on seasonal change, they don’t get affected by change of season and they can be contented with the available food they are able to get at the moment. Despite the fact they consume mostly of beetles and other insects, but they can also depend on fruits and amphibians.

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