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We service the greater Tallahassee area. We cover a wide service range, from downtown Tallahassee to all surrounding neighborhoods, suburbs, and nearby cities in Florida. For certain jobs we are willing to travel extra distance, so if in doubt, just give us a call at 850-252-1720, and we'll let you know if we service your area.

Our company is dedicated to humane and chemical-free wildlife removal servicing Tallahassee and surrounding areas. Northern Florida is home to many nuisance wildlife species including several species of snake, some of them venomous. We also have digging critters like armadillos and moles. Raccoons and squirrels commonly enter attics in this region. Once we remove the infestation of wildlife from your house, the real important work is done - the repairs that permanently keep them out of your home. Our repairs come with a guarantee against any future wildlife invasions and are professional contractor grade and look great. We are licensed and insured and answer our phones 24/7. We service greater Tallahassee and surrounding communities such as: Black Creek, Baum, Bloxham, Bradfordville, Capitola, Centerville, Chaires, Chaires Crossroads, Gardner, Felkel, Fort Braden, Iamonia, Ivan, Lafayette, Lutterloh, Meridian, Miccosukee, Ochlockonee, Rose, Wadesboro, Monticello, Quincy, Woodville, and Thomasville GA. We also service the following counties: Grady County Georgia, Thomas County Georgia, Jefferson County Florida, Wakulla County Florida, Gadsden County Florida, and Liberty County Florida. We are ready to solve your Tallahassee wildlife removal issue!
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