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  • Tallahassee Educational Article of the Month - What is a bat’s natural diet?

What is a bat’s natural diet?

What is a Florida bat’s natural diet? Newborns are generally dependent upon their mothers for milk until they reach a mature age. After covering first few weeks of their age generally it is expected that bats should fly and start hunting on their own. It is their job now to start catching their food also they have to satisfy their thirst. There eating habits mostly revolve around hunting, drinking and feeding. In this section we will mostly focus upon the natural diet, which bats use for their survival. Bats are mammals and play significant parts in the maintenance of ecosystems so getting information related with their natural diet can provide great help to you.

Majority of bats are nocturnal and their daylights are spent sleeping whereas they prefer to hunt during night. They have special navigation mechanism which allows them to capture the prey during night. It is now scientifically established that Tallahassee bats use the phenomenon of echolocation for locating as well as capturing their prey. When these animals fly they are known for producing a constant stream of sounds that are high pitched. When these sound waves hit insect or animals they bounce back to bat and guide them towards the food source.

Diet and feeding
Majority of the foods that are consumed by bats have the inclusion of insects, flower nectar, fruits, blood and vertebrates. It has been noticed that majority of the Florida bats of this world eat insects. They are known for consuming ground dwelling as well as aerial insects. Every bat is conventionally capable of consuming one third of its weight of body in the insects every night and in a few hours they can consume hundreds of insects. It has been estimated that insect population of this world will reach alarming numbers if bats become extinct.

It is very much difficult to watch a bat catching insect as normally the action is very much fast and bat alters directions and continues its ways. Conventionally bats will capture insects in mid air with their mouth and eat in air. These are generally classified as the aerial insectivores and are very quick in their action also use rapid navigation qualities for getting decent results.

Flower nectar and fruits
Frugivory is actually a specified habit, which is found in two of the bat families. These are known as the following: Megachiropterans, and Microchiropterans. These kinds of bats normally feed on juices, which are extracted from sweet fruits and fulfill their requirements. Mostly fleshy and sweet fruits are give preference, but they should also be colorful and there should be stronger smell. Tallahassee Bats use their teeth for getting the juice from fruits in a convincing fashion. Small group of bats also feed on vertebrates and are considered as carnivores.

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