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  • Tallahassee Educational Article of the Month - How to Inspect a House for Rat Entry Holes

How to Inspect a House for Rat Entry Holes

How to Inspect a House for Rat Entry Holes: Florida Rats do not need a large size hole to enter into your home, even a gap of around 5/8 inches is enough for a rat to enter. You need to check every part of the building in the entire house to see if there is an entry spot in the place. You should check the laundry vents, and crawl space vents to look for the Tallahassee rat’s entry point. You can also check all the window and doors. You should also go to the roof to check places like the fascia or where the eave comes into contact with the roof. You may check all the rooflines. If you have a tile roof, it means that there are many places where rats can enter into the home. You also have to check the power line entry, air conditioner chases and plumbing stacks.

Rats may follow a pipe up if the wall ceiling is poor. When rats get a whiff of the attic air, they are going to make a hole. When a rat has already entered the house, it can find its way throughout the house within the walls in the architecture gaps or where holes have been cut so that the plumping pipes may enter. Florida Rats can easily enter your home through the plumbing, sewer pipes or a toilet.

If you are looking for the rat’s point of entry, you can look for a hole that has been chewed through a gable intersection at the roof. The roof edges or any other place where the roof meets another roof is a hot spot for a rat’s entry. An open ridge cap enters into the attic and it is a popular entry for Tallahassee rats and mice. When there are wires that go into the gable vent and there is only a flimsy screen that blocks such access, it is easy for rats to enter by chewing the wires. Soffit vents may also be chewed through and you should not trust the cover since rats may gnaw and make an open hole through the wood.

Other signs that can show you the presence of rats around your home are urine stains and droppings. The droppings of a rat have a pointed end and you can find a musky odor and urine stains at the woodwork. You can find the droppings near food, sinks, corners, counters, drawers and cabinets. Look for shavings and gnaw marks. Mice may gnaw frequently so that they can trim their teeth that grow out of order. You can check to see if there are gnaw marks on door casings, door windows and baseboards. You may also find that you have rats through burrow holes, rub marks, tracks, runways and noise.

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